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Mia PFP Collection

As the first in-game avatar, Mia NFT is more than just a profile picture.Get a Mia from OpenSea today and try staking to earn & P2E function in MeStar now!


New Features Unlock Novel Experiences

Redefine what you know with endless innovation.

Sandbox Creation

With our new voxel-based game powered by the latest Unity3D game engine, players enjoy a smoother game experience and create 3D landscapes using unlimited in-game resources. Whether a city, villa, or beautiful pixel painting, with MeStar, imagination is stretched to infinity.


In addition to joint creation with friends, you can join various multiplayer servers to enjoy different gameplay. Take action now to meet new friends on your adventures and explore this tremendous Metaverse with your team!


By drawing out a 3D design in the solo creation map and saving it as a blueprint, you can drag & drop the item to other maps multiple times for your future creation. You can also mint the blueprint item into an NFT to pass it to a friend or sell it on an NFT marketplace.

Land Plot

Among various joyful gameplay, Land Plot Role-Play will amaze you absolutely. You can buy a plot of land to build fantastic houses, invite neighbors and friends to visit your home, or even make money from renting or reselling your property.

World Management

Can't wait to create your multiplayer world? With the upcoming MeStar World NFT and management kits, you will be able to open a game server and quickly customize all settings. All revenue from a server will belong to its manager. The managers can retain 100% of game revenue generated from their servers.


Through the design tools and development kits provided by MeStar, advanced game developers can further customize the in-game design and development of gameplay and content. The developers can share their achievements with other developers for their research, use, and transformation.

Sandbox Creation



Land Plot

World Management


Highly Praised By MeStar Players

I love the cartoon style of MeStar, especially the effect of the sun gently glistening through the leaves. It just unwinds me so much.

- Alice

I've made new friends on MeStar who amaze me, and I hope more gameplay will keep coming out!

- Sofia

I've built a lovely villa and hope it could be a resting place for me when exploring in MeStar. All of you are welcome to visit!

- 千穂理 (ちほり)

I'm excited about the feature that I can build a warship and save it as a blueprint or even mint it into an NFT!

- Lemonxd2077

MeStar enables my child to build constructions with blocks while learning more about Metaverse, NFT, and Webs.

- Lei Zhang

I hope to be a prince when I grow up. I have set up my future palace in MeStar and recruited a group of members.

- أليس

Although MeStar is still in the Alpha stage, the content is really cool. I've been playing for a long time.

- 조은

I joined a guild in MeStar and gradually became the leader of the guild. I have some sense of mission every day.

- David

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