Build With One-click

Customize your game world by importing
a variety of pre-packed gameplay and modules.

Manage At Ease

Maximize return on investment
with a customized one-stop solution.

  • Total Revenue

    The game manager retains 100% of game revenue generated from subscriptions, props, auctions, services and other contents within the server.

  • Labor Saving

    MeStar automates custom landscape construction, facilitating efficient gameplay implementation.

  • Advanced Custom

    Managers import game plug-ins published by community developers, enriching the gameplay and visual effects within multiplayer games.

  • Server Leasing

    Server managers without a license (World NFT) can begin their MeStar journey by leasing and managing servers.

  • Server Hosting

    Managers can deploy servers on their own device or utilize MeStar’s 24/7 hosting and monitor services through the control panel.

  • Server Expansion

    As server activity increases, managers implement MeStar’s Server Expansion service in real-time via the control panel.

Seize the Future

Usher your server into the web3 era
by embracing the power of NFTs and GameFi.

  • World NFT

    Each MeStar World NFT is a unique license for opening a server. Unlike traditional servers, MeStar servers are one-of-a-kind, tradable and value additive. World NFTs accrue market value as the server becomes more popular.

  • Token Economics

    Server managers can tailor their server’s economic frameworks to match specific cryptocurrency preferences. MeStar enables managers to issue their own exclusive utility tokens or choose to adopt any major token of their choice.

  • GameFi

    Managers can integrate pre-designed gameplay modules to attract players through unique economic incentives. Players earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards while completing fun tasks or battling other players.

  • Monetization

    World NFT holders may choose to sell their NFT and capture the value-added benefits from successfully managing their server. Players can connect crypto wallets to trade in-game assets and token rewards in external markets.

Frequently Asked Questions